WordPress Post from iPad with Pictures

September 19, 2012 - 5 minutes read
Well I have searched and searched for the right app to allow me to post articles from my iPad with as many capabilities as the web based admin area of WordPress. Finally I found one that suits my needs.

Blogsy is a native iPad app that gives you the functionality of the web based admin area of WordPress. The app has some really great features such as drag and drop for adding photos, multiple supported platforms, and source code view to name a few.

Create WordPress Post from iPad using Blogsy

wordpress post from ipadDrag & Drop photos from your Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Instagram, blog’s media library, iPad photo library right into your blog post. Choose pictures from any album, set, or friends’ photos. Or search across the whole site. All it takes is a finger to drag and place the photo into your blog post. Have more than one account? That’s not a problem as Blogsy supports as many accounts as you have. See this in action in our “Drag and Drop” how-to video.

Drag & Drop your, or anyone’s, YouTube or Vimeo videos into your blog post. Just take your finger and slide the video into your blog post. And you can just double-tap on the video to open the Video Settings menu to easily choose size, alignment and embed type. Check out our “Link, Image and Video Menus” how-to video to see how easy it is. blog post.

Drag & Drop from the built-in browser. That’s right, you can drag images and links straight from any web site right into your blog post. You can do research, get embed codes, copy text from websites and anything else you may want to do in a browser. There is no need to ever leave Blogsy to craft your perfect blog post. We have two how-to videos which show these things – “Drag and Drop” and “Creating Links”

blogsy for wordpressDo you want to bold some text, make lists, set alignment, or use that magical more tag without ever having to write any HTML? Well, in Blogsy it’s as easy as selecting the text and tapping on one of the buttons in the Formatting Toolbar. Make you posts look just the way you want without having to write any HTML. But if you want to write HTML you always can by flipping to the HTML Side in Blogsy. Watch our “Formatting” how-to video.

Create and send richly formatted emails. It’s as easy as writing it up, formatting it and adding photos and videos then tapping on the email icon in the dock. This feature is handy for several reasons. First, if your blogging platform is not supported by Blogsy or doesn’t use the MetaWeblog API but provides the ability to email-to-post then you can use Blogsy to post to your blog. Second, you can send richly formatted emails to friends and family. Finally, other internet services have features provided through email. For example you can send an email to Mail Chimp and it will send it to all your subscribers. Our “Email” how-to video shows this in action.

Upload images from your iPad to your blog’s media library, Picasa, Flickr and Facebook all at the same time. Or do you just want to drag the iPad photos into you post and have them upload when you publish your post? You can do that too. We have two how-to videos that show how to use the uploading feature or the direct drag in method. The titles of these how-to videos are called “Uploading Images” and “Direct / Offline Support” Make sure to check them out.


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