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WordPress Mode for Coda 2

WordPress Mode For Coda 2

UPDATED 01-15-2019: This Coda add-on is completely compatible with WordPress 4.4+

If you are using Panic’s Coda 2, and you are a WordPress developer or theme developer, then you definitely need this plugin for Coda. It gives you robust autocomplete with the WordPress functions library, and nice syntax coloring as well.

You can download the WordPress mode for Coda here.

Installing WordPress Mode for Coda

WordPress Mode for Coda 2

14 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I’ve installed the plugin (Coda 2.5.11). Am I supposed to get another option in the Syntax Mode menu? If so I can’t see one. But Coda 2 has always auto completed the wp_ functions for me anyway but I think this is due to Panic’s own WordPress 3.7.1 Additions 1.0 plugin that appears in the modes panel of the Preferences plugin panel. Does your plugin provide more functionality beyond that (apart from the WP version bump)?
    What I was actually looking for, something that I’d really appreciate using Coda and WP, is the ability to autocomplete hooks. I’m going to look into writing a plugin myself, I have small amount of Obj-C experience but I figure the learning curve for such a project would take me weeks or months to either complete or reach the conclusion that it’s impossible.
    It seems to me that pulling even just the array keys from the global $wp_filter array and presenting those alphabetically when beginning the first string parameter in /(add|remove)_(action_filter)/ would be fairly simple, but I’m not a proper developer so I may be way off base. I do realise that no other autocomplete detection works from within a string (i.e. once you’ve typed a quote), so maybe it’s impossible and I’d be wasting my time. I just get frustrated by how much of WP’s complexity and functionality is buried away within arbitrary strings that won’t be tamed by autocomplete so I have constantly reference the codex.
    Sorry to ramble. I’d appreciate your thought on any of the above. Or if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes you could probably add that functionality to your plugin 😉

  2. Me again. Last one, I promise. I hacked about with your plugin and made my own ( I was unable to find any documentation on what keys are available to use in the Additions.plist file. I originally tried to make it work so you just typed the bare name of the hook and get the plugin to prepend the opening quote but can’t work out if that’s possible. As it is the autocomplete list disappears when you type a ( so you can only ever scroll through the full list of filters or actions, but it works for me for now.

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