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web design process meeting

Phase 1: Meet the Client

The kick off meeting where we introduce ourselves. I get to know a little bit about your business goals, and the needs of your website project. This process helps us both determine of working together is a good fit for both parties. The initial meeting can take place face to face if necessary, but most are done through online meeting tools, like Uber Conference or Google Hangouts.

web design process discovery

Phase 2: Discovery

Probably the most important phase of the web design process. This is where we begin our plan of attack … what does the website need to do, who will be visiting the website, what is the primary and secondary goal of the site, how do you plan on marketing the site, etc. I do in depth market research about your competition and the status of your current website and business. This helps me determine how to approach the design of your site, and the necessary functionality that will need to be implemented. Nobody knows your business like you do, and that is why the phase is a joint effort to determine the needs of your website. In this phase we also determine the needs of your website form a hardware perspective, what kind of server will you need to be hosting on, email configuration and other necessary system requirements.

web design process design

Phase 3: Design

The design phase of a website is probably my favorite phase of the web design process. Developing o cohesive look and feel, setting up the branding of the site, and designing the overall look of how the pages will portray information to the end user. This is sort of an information architecture phase, that will help deliver your message, attract visitors, and ultimately convert to a sale of your product or service. Everything from your logo design, color scheme, buttons, and page layout will be executed in this phase of your web design. The normal process for this is to wireframe the site for how information will be laid out, then take those wireframes and start to design the look in Photoshop with a few mock-ups of a home page and a sub page. After that we go through a revision phase, and begin to narrow down the final look we will go with. Your web design is the direct representation of you or your business online.

web design process - developement

Phase 4: Development

The ins and out of making your website function. In this phase of the web design process we begin turning our chosen design into a working fully functional website. Everything I build is usually using NODEJS, PHP and MySQL, or one of the following Content Management Systems (CMS) … WordPressDrupal, or Joomla. I have been developing on these platforms for over 10 years and they are proven systems to provide your website the functionality it needs, whether a blog or an e-commerce site with thousands of products, I can build it. I develop in the most up-to-date technologies, using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I handle developing the front end interface of the site as well as the back end database driven side of the site. In this phase I also cover optimization of the site for mobile devices, and how fast it loads in a browser, I use technologies such as server side and client side caching, and overall code optimizations.

web design process qa testing

Phase 5: QA and Testing

This step in the website process is for making sure your website works properly. Testing multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices. It is important that no matter how users are viewing your site that there is consistent experience. We work out the flow of the site, click form page to page, eliminating any broken links, missing steps, or any other bugs that may come up.

web design process marketing

Phase 6: Marketing & SEO

After all the above phases have been completed it is time to grow your website. This phase is not a simple one, and it does take some time – up to 3 months. Growing your site and getting web traffic does not happen over night. Google has billions of pages to crawl, index and sort through to find out what is relevant and what is not. The design and development of your site is a simple step in the web design process, a minor step into being successful online. I encourage all of my clients to spend 5 times their design and development budget into marketing the site. This is most the most important phase of being successful online. Your website will be lost in space if this phase is not done. The initial research doe in phase one will help us to determine the route we need to take to market your site.

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