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Sitemap Page & Post Generator

Effortlessly generate WordPress pages or posts based on an XML sitemap with the Sitemap Page & Post Generator for WordPress. Quickly fetch your sitemap, select the URLs you want to create, and generate content with just a few clicks. Perfect for developers and content creators looking for an efficient content management solution.

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Sitemap Page & Post Generator for WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly plugin designed to streamline your content creation process by generating pages or posts directly from an XML sitemap. Whether you’re a developer, content creator, or site owner, this plugin simplifies your workflow and helps you quickly populate your website with structured content.


  • Easy Sitemap Integration: Seamlessly fetch your XML sitemap with a single click to get a comprehensive list of URLs.
  • Selective Content Generation: Choose exactly which pages or posts you want to create from your sitemap.
  • Flexible Content Types: Generate either pages or posts based on your needs, selectable from a convenient dropdown menu.
  • Bulk Selection: Easily select all URLs for generation or individually pick and choose specific ones.
  • Custom Titles: Automatically format page or post titles by removing dashes and capitalizing words for a clean, professional look.
  • Seamless Integration: Works smoothly with your existing WordPress setup without any conflicts or complications.

How to Use:

  1. Fetch Sitemap: Enter the URL of your XML sitemap and click “Fetch Sitemap”.
  2. Select Content: Choose the pages or posts you want to generate, or use the “Select All” feature for bulk selection.
  3. Generate: Select “Pages” or “Posts” from the dropdown and click “Generate” to create your selected content.

This Sitemap Page & Post Generator for WordPress is perfect for developers, content creators, and site owners who need an efficient way to manage large volumes of content. Enhance your WordPress site today with the Sitemap Page & Post Generator and take control of your content creation process.


    • WordPress 5.0 or higher
    • PHP 7.2 or higher

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