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A Washington, DC based resume and career coaching service needed help generating more traffic and converting the traffic into leads, and eventually into sales.The previous website was not ranking in search engines, and was generating very little organic traffic.

After doing some research we found that site had several errors that were keeping Google from indexing certain pages. The old site was not mobile friendly and did not provide clear brand recognition on social media. The site also lacked the ability to generate leads and convert sales.

Clients Needs:

  • Complete Re-design
  • Integrated CMS with Blog
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • eCommerce

I approached the needs of the client with his goals in mind. Ultimately the client needed more customers and more sales. These are a few steps we took to improve the overall website and performance.

Website Re-design
This included top to bottom redesign and approaching the site architecture with a clean slate. I developed a sitemap, and wire framed the information heavy pages. We decided on using the same color scheme, but making the call to action buttons more apparent. The re-design of the website would also include responsive web design for phone and tablet users.

We chose to go with WordPress and integrate WooCommerce for the website redo. This would allow the client the ease of adding services and products without technical knowledge, and also include the ability for the client and his team to create content and articles easily. All content was implemented with SEO in mind, and developed around targeted keywords. This website is also using server side cacheing and Cloudflare for performance.

The solution for marketing this website on a budget was a content strategy. Something that would allow the owner and team to create content to generate traffic. I developed a content schedule, and integrated automated sharing of articles when they are published. Along with article on the site, I also instructed the client to start sharing on networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, and in public career forums. We have also started creating a YouTube channel that creates some additional brand awareness.

Increased Website Traffic
The strategic content marketing plan has proven effective towards reaching the client’s website goals. We were able to bring an increase of unique visitors by 234.55% in just one month. Here is a look at a traffic comparison from December 2014 to January 2015.

Lead Generation
The site now has the ability to generate leads using a “free consultation” form coupled with a “free offer” … Automated email marketing was also integrated to follow up with leads with a drip campaign to a special offer and upsell to the premium product.

The Sales Funnel
Once a lead was generated the automated sales process began. The “Free Offer” would lead the user back to the site for information on how to accomplish their career goals, view an automated webinar and present the premium product.

December 2014

google analytics traffic report

January 2015

google analytics traffic

1 Month Comparison

google analytics traffic comparison

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