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About Matthew Woodard

Self Proclaimed Internet Ninja.

I’m a dad to five amazing kids and an entrepreneur at heart. I fell in love with the computer early in my life and have been passionately leveraging it and the internet to make a living.

For close to 20 years, I have been a professional freelancer and learned so much when it comes to business online. Working with top Fortune 500 companies, and some of the biggest names in internet marketing, has gained me a wealth of knowledge when it comes to websites and how they become successful.

This knowledge and these secrets are something I want to share and use to help others like yourself achieve the success that I have. I welcome you, no matter what stage you are in, to reach out to me about your project and learn how I can help make a big difference in your journey online. 

“I started my career in the sign business, first digging holes and painting poles. Soon after I worked my way into the art room where design signs as well as logos, banners, vehicle wraps and all sorts of print marketing materials for businesses. This skill transferred to what I do now as a web designer.”

“I have always been entrepreneurial at heart, which made it very hard for me to work for 1 specific company. I love the variety of challenges freelancing brings. Early in life I also realized that true financial freedom comes with working for yourself and not others.”

“I love fishing! Hiking and camping with the family are my go to outdoor activities when I am not glued to the computer thinking of new business ideas.”

"Yes, I am a fluent developer with expert level knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript."

“It’s tough to pick just one, but working with Alex Charfen and Mike Dillard were probably the highlights of my career so far. Working along side these two literally changed my life. The amount of knowledge gained and the work I was a part of has had a lasting toll on who I am today, and the work I continue to do.”

“Never stop learning. Web design is an art that’s constantly evolving, and staying curious is key.”

“I write with my left hand, I do everything else right handed.”

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