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The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Designer.

I have had enough! At least 3 times a day I get a call or email from business owners that have made mistakes when hiring a web designer. So, I have compiled a list of the 5 most common and most costly mistakes … 

Whether you hire me, or another designer …

Use this list to inform yourself and follow these steps to avoid these mistakes when hiring a web designer, or even a web design agency. 

Hiring a web designer
Hiring a web designer

Hiring a Web Designer Mistake #5:
"Just because they can, does not mean they should."

Many designers excel in creating visually stunning sites but lack the strategic insight to align design with business objectives.

A pretty portfolio is very easy to misconstrue a buyer. Like opening a half empty bag of chips … its just air. But it looked so full and shiny on the shelf. This is the same with web designers.

With all the new site builders flooding the market, there has been a surge of so called “web designers” that use these to create website. Don’t get me wrong the tools are not the issue, the people using them is the real issue. Knowing how to click around, drag and drop and throw pre-designed templates together does not make you a web designer.

I know how to turn a wrench, but that does not mean I should be working on your car!

Imagine launching a beautiful site that fails to rank on search engines or convert visitors because it was built as a visual masterpiece, not a sales tool. 

This oversight could cost you thousands in lost revenue and missed opportunities.

How to avoid this mistake when you hire a web designer:

Avoid this mistake by making sure when hiring a web designer, they have some real world experience under their belt. Take a look at the websites they have designed (not just an image) – go to the site and click around, check it on your phone.

Do their sites look good, and function properly? 

Hiring a Web Designer Mistake #4:
Unsustainable Tool Usage

Jumping on the bandwagon of the latest design tools or DIY platforms can leave your site not only outdated, but lacking the ability to scale with your business needs.

The cost of redesigning your site because it was built on a now-defunct platform can run into the tens of thousands, not to mention the lost SEO rankings and credibility with your audience.

How to avoid this mistake when you hire a web designer:

I build on proven, sustainable technologies that ensure your site’s longevity and scalability. Avoid the rebuilds and retain your competitive edge.

Hiring a Web Designer Mistake #3:
Prioritizing Aesthetics Over Growth

Hiring a web designer that focuses on design over functionality often leads to a site that looks great but fails to serve the business’s actual needs.

This misstep can dilute your marketing efforts, with potential losses exceeding 50% of your online sales potential due to poor user experience and low conversion rates.

How to avoid this mistake when you hire a web designer:

My approach ensures that every design element serves a purpose, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality to skyrocket your conversions and sales.

Hiring a Web Designer Mistake #2:
One and Done, High and Dry.

A web designer who vanishes after the launch leaves you with a static site in a dynamic digital world.

Neglecting updates and optimizations can degrade your site’s performance and security, costing you not just in lost sales but potentially in recovery expenses from breaches, estimated to average around $15,000 for small businesses.

How to avoid this mistake when you hire a web designer:

With me, your website’s launch is just the beginning. I offer ongoing support and optimization, ensuring your site evolves with your business and continues to secure and convert traffic.

Hiring a Web Designer Mistake #1:
Lack of Business Understanding

Hiring a designer without a deep understanding of your business, audience, and objectives is like sailing without a compass.

 This fundamental flaw can result in a site that misrepresents your brand and fails to engage your target audience, leading to a disconnection that can cost you credibility and a significant portion of your market share.

How to avoid this mistake when you hire a web designer:

I begin every project with a deep-dive into your business, ensuring your website is a true extension of your brandww. This alignment not only enhances credibility but also maximizes your site’s appeal to your target audience, driving engagement and conversions.

Choose a Partner Who Understands the Cost of Mistakes

With an informed approach that integrates the PAS framework into the foundation of your web design, I’m not just designing a site; I’m safeguarding your investment against common pitfalls. By choosing a partner who recognizes the real-world implications of these mistakes, you ensure that your website is not just a cost but a valuable asset in your marketing arsenal.

Are you ready to invest in a website that delivers real business results? Let’s ensure your digital presence is built on a solid foundation from day one.

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