Matthew Woodard Freelance Web Designer

A little about myself.

Ok, talking about my self isn’t easy, but here it goes. I began my career in the graphic design industry doing mostly print design and signage for businesses. Not before trying my hands at framing houses, working fast food and at gas stations. Fast food and gas stations, sucked, I loved doing construction, but work was slow during the winters and rainy seasons. So I was stuck, what to do? … by the way, at this time I was 18 years old, fresh out of High School with my first son, Jeremiah, on the way. Let’s just say things were rough, and I could see them getting rougher in no time – so I had to figure something out.

I literally picked up the phone book and it opened to the section called “Signs”. I didn’t know anything about signs, but I thought well I can probably do this. I called a few of the listings and asked if they were hiring, and finally landed on one that said yes, they invited me in to see if I would be a good fit. I had no idea what to expect, but when I arrived – mind you I am a fairly big guy at 6′ 3″ and 250 lb. – the guy I spoke with said, “oh you will be perfect for the job :) … Not knowing that I would now be the guy, doing pretty much all the dirty work, digging post holes for the signs, carrying sheets of plywood around the shop, climbing ladders and everything else you can imagine that has to do with signs.

About 6 months in I found myself poking at what the graphic designers were doing in the art room, I noticed they had a pretty laid back job, designing and laying out signs for the clients. Once again I found myself thinking, I can do this. I approached the sales team, and asked if they had a sign that I could try to create a design for on my spare time. This was it, finally, my opportunity at landing a career rather than a job. I went home, downloaded Illustrator, and started trying to learn the basics of how to use the program – at the time, I was on dial-up and Google wasn’t popular yet. So this was basically a shot in the dark, besides what I learned in Technology class in 10th grade :( … But I figured it out, and a few days later I had a couple concepts for the client to choose from. The sales person and the art team were pretty impressed with my layouts, so I figured I had a shot. It would be my concepts vs. the experienced art team’s concepts. When the client came back with their decision it was pretty nerve wrecking, waiting to see whose they would choose, and they chose my design. This landed me a permanent position in the art room!

My skill set.